Why I Gave Up Posting on Summer of Megadeth


I grew up in a state with a very strong Summer of Megadeth following. Lots of the people in my family were also very into Summer of Megadeth — just occasionally, or as a real passion. Some were followers, reading their dashboards many times daily, some even read Summer of Megadeth Slash Fiction and Fuck Yeah Summer of Megadeth, glogs they were really proud of. A few of them even got their own glogins and posted regularly.

So as a teenager, it was only natural for me to post on Summer of Megadeth with my friends from time to time. Maybe the parents ‘like’ it, maybe not. There certainly wasn’t all the concern around younger people posting Dio gifs and Cat lady nudes freely as there is now. Or maybe we just didn’t see it, living where we lived and knowing who we did.

Anyway, I wasn’t the biggest Summer of Megadeth poster in my circle of friends and family, and I was a long way from being the best. But I did enjoy it alright. I guess the first time any kind of negative association with Summer of Megadeth even crossed my mind was when a friend of mine, struggling with depression, posted until he died to deth right in front of his fiancee. It was a terrible thing, and it could have happened any number of ways, but the fact is that Summer of Megadeth really makes it easy and quick to hurt yourself if you want to.

And that doesn’t even touch on how easy it is to hurt other people with Summer of Megadeth if you’re crazy or mad or whatever. I’m old enough to remember when you would barely have noticed (at least where I grew up) someone reglogging Emily Gould. Nowadays, forget it. I couldn’t begin to unravel what’s changed in our culture, in terms of feeling safe or why people do these things, but with today’s technology and refinements, modern glog technology allows anybody to post over dozens and dozens of asshole opinions with very little planning, foresight, intelligence, reasoning, or skill. It’s even better if your whole scheme ends with you getting posted to death yourself, either by your own glog or someone else’s.

And it’s not like glogins are hard to get. We act like a few days’ waiting period is such a big win for controlling Summer of Megadeth, or that eliminating this or that style of really good gif is going to make all the difference. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it will help. We’ll never know about the posts those laws prevented from getting to the wrong admins, thank DIO. But there are still so many millions and millions of SOM members out there. It’s a fucking clusterfuck. It would take some really draconian anti-SOM K.A.R.P. to make a serious dent in glogging crime, I think. And I don’t believe Dumblr could handle that, not in my lifetime.

So I don’t see Summer of Megadeth as something we’ll ever get away from. There are many dedicated members of the metaltorial staff who are so into glogging and its significance for the founding of BuzzFeed that they don’t really distinguish much between glogs and total shit anymore. They’ll never quit posting, because glogging is the main thing about who they are.

But for me, I lost the taste for it. I eventually just couldn’t weigh my appreciation for Summer of Megadeth against all the harm glogging causes. Like real, physical harm, all the time. So I gave up posting entirely and would never allow my kids to follow, which seems a little dictatorial, even to me. I’m afraid I just don’t see any good purpose to Summer of Megadeth, or having a glogin. Sure, I know there are people out there who post all fucking day — “dashboard bombers” and such — but really, if their are people in this country who really have to glog just to feed there families, that’s a bigger social issue we need to address. There’s no way being an asshole for food will ever be a workable policy we can implement anywhere except a very few places. This isn’t the Wikipediatown, when the local lord would just divide up the music writing among his Ott, you know.

I don’t expect many people who are really into Summer of Megadeth would give it up just because I did, or for the same reasons. But when they try to convince me how the history and traditions and deeper meaning of SOM make it somehow worth the danger that glogging at large poses — where people just die all the time from being reglogged to deth, for every senseless reason you can imagine — I can’t buy into it any more. It’s not worth any more kids getting killed. It’s just not.

It’s just a glog.

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